16 reasons why you should look at NS DNA

16 reasons why you should look at NS DNA

1) Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Arabic
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NetSupport DNA can reduce TCO by decreasing the number of vendors you are managing, improving help desk support, enforcing configuration standards, and effectively migrating to new technologies. It helps administrators achieve reduction in TCO with minimum installation and implementation time, minimal network traffic and without need for skilled technical personnel.

2) Ensure Compliance with Corporate Configuration Standards

Help administrators ensure that users comply with corporate desktop policy. Using the software metering capability in conjunction with software inventory and distribution helps to maintain standard desktop configuration, even during server downtimes. In addition, NetSupport DNA provides an auditing and metering function that will enable you to immediately identify workstations that fall out of compliance with predefined standards.

3) Control Enterprise Changes

NetSupport DNA captures every enterprise asset change, including relocated desktops, hardware upgrades, software updates, new users, and more. With this information, you can measure change activity, ensure the changes are in line with corporate goals, plan future support requirements based on the historical rate of change, and monitor the performance of your support team.

4) Track and Manage Software Licenses

With its software inventory and application metering functions, NetSupport DNA identifies illegal and unused or underused software. You then have the knowledge to purchase the correct number of licenses for your enterprise – an advantage in negotiating with software vendors.

Application Groups offer the ability to monitor license levels within an organization by inputting the number of licenses for each application, software usage levels can be identified whenever a software inventory is executed.

5) Discovery Toolset

NetSupport DNA quickly provides hardware and software inventories with a targeted set of tools you’ll use on a daily basis. With NetSupport DNA’s complete desktop software and hardware inventory feature, you can establish an entire enterprise desktop asset baseline prior to the deployment of any enterprise-wide initiative such as IT Asset Management, ERP, CRM, E-Business, or Supply Chain.

6) Resource Tracking

NetSupport DNA’s inventory and metering functions collect complete and precise data regarding number of machines, number and types of applications, and software and hardware usage. The data can then be transferred to other enterprise applications.

7) Plan and Budget for Migrations

With the precise desktop configuration information NetSupport DNA provides, you can better budget for and plan application and operating system upgrades, such as Windows¨ 2000. For instance, NetSupport DNA will provide reports concerning desktop changes needed to support the upgrade, allowing you to efficiently procure the components in advance, plan the work, and ensure the installation team is fully prepared when visiting the desktop.

8) Take Control of Complex Systems Management Suites

NetSupport DNA provides the IT asset information you need to implement and manage complex enterprise system management suites in diverse environments. Each of its capabilities is targeted to perform a frequently required task that improves the effectiveness of administrators to manage the environments.

9) Help Desk Administration

The option NetSupport DNA remote control function provided by NetSupport Manager enables rapid remote support of software, system troubleshooting, file management, and electronic software distribution at the desktop level, anywhere in the organization. No need to interrupt the CEO in order to troubleshoot and administrate the desktop PC-with NetSupport DNA, you can do it from your management station even during closed-door sessions on your time.

10) Ensure the Installation of Purchased Devices

You can compare the hardware and software components that were purchased to the versions actually installed throughout the enterprise-and immediately identify any discrepancies prior to paying invoices.

11) Eliminate the Need for Costly and Ineffective Physical Inventories

NetSupport DNA discovers and reports asset information without requiring visits to the desktop. You can even generate specific hardware and software inventories from a single location, and the information will be added automatically to a central repository.

12) Security Management

The NetSupport DNA hardware inventory function will identify missing computer assets such as CD-ROMs, memory, hard drives, or entire computer systems, so you can investigate and halt suspicious activity before it becomes a problem.

13) Virus Remediation

Periodic updates of virus software are critical for virus prevention and remedial activity. Because NetSupport DNA works independently of your e-mail server, virus updates can be distributed to users-even during a virus crisis. In addition, *.vbs files can be identified remotely and eliminated.

14) Upgrade Administration

NetSupport DNA’s hardware inventory feature enables administrators to assess system adequacy for major operating system and suite upgrades such as Windows 2000. NetSupport DNA quickly and easily supplies a complete hardware inventory of each PC, including operating system, manufacturer, model, CPU, hard disk space and memory.

15) Disaster Recovery

Understand and manage the IT assets that empower your disaster recovery with NetSupport DNA. Transfer the IT information NetSupport DNA collects to your disaster recovery plan and know exactly where your most critical customer and revenue-related PCs are located. In the event of a disaster, you can ensure these machines receive top remediation priority.

16) License Administration

Why throw away money for software licenses that are not being used? NetSupport DNA’s software metering will give you the information you need to determine if you are paying too much in license fees, and should increase or reduce software purchases. Use it to help you establish baseline resource allocation for maximizing Total Cost of Ownership.