Application Orchtech HR

Application Orchtech HR

Orchtech HR covers the following modules:

Orchtech HR basic Package:

  • Personnel
  • Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Employee self service “ESS”

Add on:

  • Appraisal module
  • HR analysis module 
  • Talent management module
  • Training module

The Application covers all human resources activities in a flexible and comprehensive way.

  • Its Rule based engine and Actions allows to the user to apply all company and country policies and regulations.
  • OrchTech Human resources empower the company with the necessary tools to excel the execution of human resource management processes.
  • The application is built based on Packages. Currently the Egyptian package is implemented and covers all Egyptian rules.

The Analysis done by OrchTech Marketing and Business analysis teams took into consideration the needs of the following pillars: 



We also cover most of the following features:

The system covers all employees’ data covering the personal information, qualifications, skills and salary. Adding all information needed by the management and the HR department to execute evaluation, course management, and appraisal.