Réalité Augmentée

Réalité Augmentée

Bring objects to life

Designed to be used within mobile apps, the Augmented Reality feature can identify images captured on a device’s camera, and then provide more information about these images. This approach is called augmented reality because it combines virtual information about the object (videos, 3D objects, interactive games, etc…) with the real life environment captured through the device’s camera.

It allows more vivid and enjoyable experience with the object giving you a strong branding edge for your products and services.


There are endless usage cases for AR.

AR can be employed in Educational institutions, where it could be used to provide supplementary information to class materials. It has also been used as an aid for training materials, where pointing the device at an object being studied could provide more information on that item like videos, image gallery, questions, etc….


If you ever want to:

  • Have interactive and engaging advertising experience with your prospects
  • Bring your products to life and let your clients FEEL them as if they are holding them in their hands
  • Communicate detailed information on your product out of the conventional methods
  • Make your clients ACTUALLY visualize how your product fits their office, home, clothing, etc…

Then, you need to have a look at our AR applications which will widen your horizon into new dimensions of advertisement and marketing.


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