NetSupport Notify Corporate


Platform flexibility

With staff potentially utilising a mixture of hardware and software and the use of unattended digital public information displays becoming commonplace, it’s good to know that a NetSupport Notify message can be received on all or selected systems with one single send.

From the office or on the move, with NetSupport Notify you can send notifications from a Windows desktop/laptop and, with our dedicated mobile apps, any Android/iOS tablet or smartphone.

Deliver instantly to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops as well as digital information screens.

Instant messaging that can’t be ignored!

Within seconds, an Administrator can send a clear and concise message or instruction (up to 500 characters) to all connected computers, specific users/devices or selected departments across your enterprise. Clickable reference links to websites and network resources can also be included.

Each message can carry a priority level from general news to technical alerts or even a critical emergency – and a request for acknowledgment. The delivered message automatically takes screen focus on recipient computers and can be accompanied by an audible alert to ensure attention is gained (this can be repeated every five seconds just to make sure!). The message will be squared and centred on recipient desktops, with a full screen option for unattended displays.

With its notification gateway component, a single message can be delivered to staff across many sites or locations in a single action.

Brand your alerts

As a corporate tool, NetSupport Notify can be customised to reflect your corporate identity with the inclusion on each message of your company logo and appropriate font and background colours, ensuring all alerts received are instantly recognised by staff.

Reporting and tracking

Consider a network-related crisis. It could be an e-mail server going offline or a virus spreading on your network. Imagine how many warnings you might have to send over e-mail or by visiting users before you can begin to mitigate the situation. With NetSupport Notify, it is simple. Broadcast a message to all, check to see they have been acknowledged and then concentrate on the job in hand. All delivered messages are recorded centrally with full delivery/receipt logging and the ability to export a summary for future analysis.

Schedule alerts in advance

Recurring events can be scheduled in advance for a fixed time and date or on a recurring basis – hourly, daily, weekly, even every “xx minutes” – making NetSupport Notify the perfect network Public Address (PA) system for the announcement of fire drills or network maintenance; just some of the events where a notification system can be an essential addition to your network tools.

When time is of the essence!

What if there isn’t time to type a lengthy message? Maybe the company receptionist needs to raise a critical security issue. NetSupport Notify has this covered. By simply typing a hotkey combination, a ready-made “emergency response” can be sent from the user’s PC.

To see how NetSupport Notify can instantly improve your organisation’s ability to communicate effectively with staff, download the free 30 day, 50 PC trial from this site today. You’ll also find links to download the Mobile Console apps for Android and iOS from the appropriate store.