Nearshore & Offshore development

Orchtech is an Egyptian software house that is working in offshore and outsourcing software development.  We are providing software outsourcing services for European companies; our clients exist in Denmark, England, Germany, USA, etc…

We provide our clients with the following:

    • English & French Speaking employees, with No culture Barrier (French speaking employees for Suisse and French speaking markets).
    • All our employees are University graduates from software engineering or computer science with either Bachelor or Master degree.
    • From No time zone to max 2 hours difference with many European countries.
    • Working with Scrum Agile software development Methodology.
    • All developers are backed up with strong technical guidance from experts dedicated for that.
    • We have access to many universities and we provide our customer with a pool of CVs from which they can select and even interview the candidates.

We offer our clients 2 methodologies for offshoring

IT Staff augmentation (software development outsourcing)

We provide the requested resources to our clients; in this case, the resource (s) will be your employee(s) and will be an addition to your team. So if you have 4 developers; you should now consider having 5 developers; one of them located in another place. We will provide the employee with the location and necessary tools to be able to communicate effectively with you. In other words, you will have the luxury of having an extra employee with the qualification needed in almost the same time zone for ease of management on your part.

Project Base  (software development outsourcing)

We take the requirements and manage the project ourselves.