WhatsConfigured Overview

Network Change and Configuration Management

Fully integrated into the WhatsUp Gold dashboard, the WhatsConfigured plug-in automates network device configuration file backup, restore, storage and change management processes – eliminating common manual and repetitive configuration tasks. And it tracks changes as they occur, making it easy for you to trace and account for every change made.
With WhatsUp Gold and WhatsConfigured in place, you’ll know exactly what’s on your network, how it is configured and how everything is performing.
What can you do with WhatsConfigured?
  • Automate configuration changes. Automate configuration and change management for network devices.
  • Easy access to configuration files. Dynamically access, download, store and search configuration files.
  • Schedule changes. Schedule and execute configuration changes for individual or groups of network devices.
  • Enforce policies. Enforce reliable policy monitoring whenever a configuration is backed up.
  • Alert on failures. Alert on configuration changes or policy failures and restore a known good configuration as required.
  • Compare files. Compare stored startup or running configuration files to reduce troubleshooting efforts.
  • Audit history. Maintain audit trails of all configuration changes to ensure accountability and traceability.
New in WhatsConfigured V16
  • Compliance Reports. Out-of-the-box report templates to help support HIPAA, SOX, FISMA and PCI DSS compliance requirements.
  • Print Audit Reports. Print business formatted configuration change reports and audit trails for one or more devices.
  • Plus, the following functionality has been fully integrated into WhatsUp Gold’s integrated architecture for v16:
  • VLAN Configuration. An intuitive and flexible interface supports VLAN configuration across multiple devices. Easily configure both ends of a VLAN trunk endpoints port regardless of vendor. Also includes automatic topology maps that illustrate VLAN trunks.
  • Schedule Configuration Management Tasks.Schedule and execute routine backups, custom scripts configuration changes, password changes, user access modifications, or even system updates for one or more network devices.
  • Alerting. Get real-time alerts on configuration changes, misconfigurations or policy failures.
  • Configuration Templates. Define common device configurations that can be applied to multiple devices and easily added to new devices.
  • Archive, Search and Compare Configuration Files. Dynamically access, download, store and search configuration.

WhatsConfigured Features

An integrated plug-in to the WhatsUp Gold application, WhatsConfigured is supported across all WhatsUp Gold editions (Standard, Premium, Distributed and MSP).
Configuration Capabilities
  • Secure access to network devices based on industry standard SNMP v1-3, SSH and Telnet protocols
  • Download and storage of unlimited versions of configuration files for each network device
  • Secure storage of password and authentication credentials for each network device
  • Set up of policy definitions for dynamic audit during configuration back up
  • Global search of stored configuration files across custom archives
  • Supports manual selection, viewing and comparison of network device configuration files through the WhatsUp Gold dashboard
  • Uses the WhatsUp Gold workspace, reporting and Alert Center functionality for integrated network management
  • Communicates status of WhatsConfigured application via system log reports
  • Broad and diverse vendor support including devices from Cisco, Juniper, HP, Dell, Foundry, Extreme and others
  • Export / import of custom configuration tasks and associated scripts
  • Integrated reports to help support compliance requirements of HIPAA, SOX, FISMA and PCI DSS
  • Print formatted reports of archived configuration change audit trails for a device or groups of devices
Change Management Capabilities
  • Runs scheduled or on-demand tasks, including backup and restore of startup and running device configurations
  • Manages and update passwords across individual devices or device groups, on a scheduled or on-demand basis
  • Alerts when a device configuration file changes, downloads the running configuration file and initiates automatic comparison with stored configuration files to highlight differences and speed up operational response
  • Alerts when the configuration backup task fails to run on a device or when a scheduled or scripted configuration task fails to execute
  • Alerts when an on-demand configuration back up or scheduled task fails a policy audit
  • Enables the deployment of customized task scripts to execute following a configuration change, e.g. rebooting a device once the configuration file has been updated
  • Logs all device configuration events including file changed and time of change, for audit and control purposes

Whats Configured Benefits

 Lower Risk of Downtime

Network device misconfigurations are one of the primary causes of service degradation and failure. WhatsConfigured minimizes the impact of downtime from configuration errors in two ways:
  • By automating the process of configuration updates and changes, WhatsConfigured eliminates the likelihood of human error in carrying out complex configuration tasks.
  • If downtime does occur, you can use WhatsConfigured to determine if a configuration change is the cause of the problem. If a change is at the root of the problem, use WhatsConfigured to immediately restore backup configurations and improve service.

Improve Security and Control over Critical Infrastructure & Configuration Data

WhatsConfigured provides a central repository for backup and storage of all network configuration data, thereby ensuring startup and running configurations are always available.
And automated configuration and password updates across device groups ensure consistency in network deployments, maintaining data and access security.

Alert Center Integration

When configuration changes happen, whether authorized or unauthorized, WhatsConfigured sends notifications via the Alert Center ensuring that the right people are notified and appropriate action is initiated.

Reduce Cost of Network Change & Configuration Management

WhatsConfigured automates all manual and repetitive tasks, greatly reducing the time and cost of configuration management.
Network administrators and managers can set up scheduled tasks within WhatsConfigured to roll out configuration or password changes to existing devices following established policies; provision a new device with a standardized configuration; or restore baseline configurations to one or more devices if changes need to be rolled back.

Ensure Accountability & Compliance

WhatsConfigured logs each change on a monitored device and provides a complete audit trail, including the configuration file that was changed and the time of change. This data helps ensure only authorized personnel make changes in compliance with network configuration policies and unauthorized changes are immediately detected, investigated and rolled back to maintain compliance.
In addition, policy monitoring capabilities ensure that each configuration backup or change is verified for compliance.