Commercial International Life Insurance Company is a joint venture life insurance company; the principal shareholders are Legal & General of the UK and Commercial International Bank an Egyptian bank.

Operating since 1999, CIL was the first life insurance company in Egypt to adopt the banc assurance model.
CIL delivers innovative, value for money, protection and savings products aimed at satisfying the needs of both individual and corporate clients. In 2014 the company was awarded the Most Innovative Insurer for year at the MENA IR Insurance Awards.
CIL’s retail products aimed at providing customers with the opportunity to save regularly for life’s important events such as children’s graduation and wedding, or their own retirement and fulfillment of dreams as well as insuring their lives against sudden incidents such as death or accidents.
CIL’s corporate packages allow employers to fund the retirement needs of their employees, as well as life protection for employees, loan protection and key person insurance.